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We are very proud of our National Parks, let us show you why...

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    From the misty mountains and lush forests to the sweeping grasslands with their teeming herds. Ngorongoro provides a rich adventure to every visitor.


    Home to the world's last remaining large mammal migration.


    The Paradise of Elephants and one of the finest birding destinations in East Africa.

    Lake Manyara

    A Home of Tree Climbing Lions and the soda lake inhabited with thousands of pink-hued flamingos.


A country with the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain above sea level in the world...

    mt. Kilimanjaro

    The highest mountain in Africa, snow caped and world’s highest free standing volcano. It comprises of two dormant volcanoes (Kibo 5,895m a.m.s.l and Mawenzi 5,149m a.m.s.l) and one extinct volcano (Shira 3,962m a.m.s.l) respectively.

    Mt. Meru

    Mount Meru, which at 4,566 m (14,980 ft) is the 5th highest free standing mountain in Africa. This second highest mountain in Tanzania offers unforgettable experience and serves as acclimatization refuge before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

    Ol Doinyo Lengai

    l Doinyo Lengai, "Mountain of God" in the Maasai language, is an active volcano located in the Gregory Rift, south of Lake Natron within the Arusha Region of Tanzania, Africa. Part of the volcanic system of the East African Rift, it uniquely produces natrocarbonatite lava.

    Mkomazi National Park

    The Park finds itself in a beautiful setting with both the Pare and Usambara mountains towering above its boundaries. Depending on the weather, Mount Kilimanjaro can also be seen from the park.


The mainland and islands along the coastline have some of the most stunning beaches in the world...

    Nungwi Beach

    An island paradise destination situated at the north-western tip of the Zanzibar island. It is home to powdery white sand, crystal blue waters, and exotic flora and fauna.

    Kendwa Beach

    A wide and long white sandy beach, clear deep waters, popular Kendwa sunset, a coral reef spreads around the beach that attracts diving enthusiasts from around the world.

    Saadani National Park

    Being the only National Park that harbors both marine and terrestrial habitats, Saadani has plenty of marine life and large numbers of wild animals. It is not surprising to encounter wild animals on the beach in this coastal Park.

    Paje Beach

    Watersports, scuba diving, snorkelling and of course kite surfing are a must here. Visit the historical Stone Town and watch the Red Colobus Monkey at the Jozani Forest.

Day Trips/Tours

Tanzania is famed for its wildlife-rich national parks and the highest mountain in Africa.

We arrange Day Trips and Tours in and around the Northern Tanzania.

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    Day Trips to National Parks

    We arrange day trips/tours to all Northern National Parks. Kindly email us.

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    Materuni Waterfalls

    A walk/hike in the nature, the fresh air and birds singing away, need we say more?

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    Chemka Hot Springs

    Swimming in the deep clear warm spring waters, high jumps from trees, surrounded by beautiful natural tropical setting.

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    Marangu National Park

    Calmness of the green montaine forest, over-powering smell of freshly ground coffee and the taste of good chagga food.

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    Maasai and Hadzabe

    Exploring Local cultures has always been fascinating, get to know The Maasai or The Hadzabe tribes. You won't regret.

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    Coffee Plantation

    A walk through the coffee farm, visiting local coffee roasting and brewing site, and you get to make/drink it too.


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